Daily Bundles




Daily Data Bundle

1 GB data

10 TL

Daily Minute Bundle

25 minutes to all local networks and Turkey

5 TL

Write “GUNLUK”, leave a space, write the 6 digit code you get from your scratch card (E.g. GUNLUK 1238vf) and send to 8484.

  • Prepaid subscribers can benefit.
  • The bundle is valid for 24 hours.
  • You can get multiple different Daily Bundles in one day.
  • You can benefit only once from the same Daily Bundle in one day.
  • The usage priority will be in daily bundles.
  • Scratch cards are valid for 3 years after the production date. Do not purchase expired products.
  •  Do not purchase defective cards.
  • Dispose of your cards after usage.
  • You can learn your remaining quota by texting KALAN to 8484.