Data Bundles

You can buy a bundle for your GSM line or computer via 548 Call center, Online services or Telsim Shops. Call center calls are charged 2 SMS independent of the call duration.You can use your data without any additional charges in Turkey. When data quota is reached, additional usage is charged at standart rates.Standart roaming rates apply in data usage abroad.To learn the remaining data in your bundle, text “DURUM” to 2121.To learn the remaining data in your 3G modem, click Text section in Mobile Partner and click the envelope (New) icon, write “2121” in “Send to” field, “DURUM” in the field below and send.VAT and special communication tax are included in the prices.

Data Postpaid Prepaid
250 MB (Valid also in Turkey) 16,00 TL 246 Credits
500 MB (Valid also in Turkey) 22,00 TL 338 Credits
1 GB (Valid also in Turkey) 32,00 TL 492 Credits
3 GB (Valid also in Turkey) 50,00 TL 769 Credits
5 GB (Valid also in Turkey) 65,00 TL 1000 Credits
10 GB (Valid also in Turkey) 74,00 TL 1138 Credits
15 GB (Valid also in Turkey) 84,00 TL 1292 Credits
1 month 5 GB Plus Student
(Valid also in Turkey)
49,00 TL 800 Credits
1 month 10 GB Plus Student 69,00 TL 1100 Credits
3 months 3 GB Student 1000 Credits

* If you don’t have a standart tariff or mobile data bundle subscription, usage is charged at standart rates.

Postpaid  Prepaid 
Standart charges first 5 MB 3,65 TL –
above 5MB 0,36 TL/MB
0,12 Credits / KB