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Alcatel MT 40 Kids Watch

Front 0.3 MP

256 MB

Alcatel MT 40 Kids Watch

Colour: Blue
From ₺67,50 installment options


Monthly Device Price
12 Months Committed to All Tariffs 67,50 TL
Cash 699 TL


Screen Size: 1.3”

Storage: 128 GB /256 GB

SIM Card: Nano SIM

Bluetooth: 4.2

Memory (RAM): 256MB RAM + 512MB ROM

Front Camera: 0.3 MP

Terms & Conditions

  • Subscribers will be able to benefit from this campaign with a 12-month commitment, an 18-month commitment or a cash (credit card) payment. Subscribers who do not comply with the device criteria will be able to benefit from this campaign in advance.
  • Within the scope of the campaign, Alcatel MT30 children's watch will be offered for sale together with the welcome package when the contracted options are used.
  • At the end of the 12-month commitment, the subscriber's Welcome package will be automatically renewed.
  • The relevant campaign is valid for all postpaid/non-paid subscribers and subscribers who want to benefit from the campaign must make a commitment.
  • Subscribers who will purchase the Alcatel MT30 children's watch with cash payment do not need to enter any tariff or make any commitment.
  • When you use more than your quota for postpaid lines, your usage will be charged at the standard excess tariff.
  • Subscribers who benefit from the campaign on a committed basis cannot cancel their tariffs during the commitment period. For subscribers who cancel their line and/or campaign before the relevant commitment period expires, the withdrawal fee will be reflected on their invoice. Withdrawal fee = (Device Installment Amount x Remaining Month) + (Welcome Package Fee discount x month used)
  • You can benefit from the campaign by visiting Vodafone Shops.
  • Standard roaming charges apply for overseas use of the device.
  • Click for device warranty terms.

Required Documents

  • ID card copy,
  • New device campaign commitment document,
  • Subscription agreement required.