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Apple iPad 8 Wi-Fi

Screen Size
10 Inc

Front: 1.2 MP
Back: 8 MP

3 GB

Apple A12 Binoic

Apple iPad 8 Wi-Fi

Colour: Gray
Storage: 32 GB
From ₺ 219 installment options


24 Months

Tariffs Monthly Device Price Prepayment
No PrepaymentAll Tariffs--
Prepayment All Tariffs219 TL 1000 TL
Cash 4.299 TL

18 Months

Tariffs Monthly Device Price Cash
All Tariffs 349 TL 4.299 TL

12 Months

Tariffs Monthly Device Price
12 Months
All Tariffs 489 TL
Cash 4.299 TL


Sim Card Support: No

Wifi: Yes

Memory Card Support: No

Terms & Conditions

  • Subscribers will be able to benefit from this campaign with an 18-month commitment, a 24-month commitment, or a cash (credit card) payment. Subscribers who do not meet the device criteria will be able to benefit from this campaign in advance.
  • The devices are within the scope of technological criteria.
  • Subscribers who benefit from the campaign on a committed basis cannot cancel their tariffs or switch to a sub-package during the commitment period. However, the subscriber can switch to the upper package upon request.
  • The monthly voice, sms and data usage earned by the subscriber within the scope of the tariff cannot be transferred to third parties.
  • For subscribers who cancel their line and/or campaign before the relevant commitment period expires, the remaining month's device installment fee will be reflected on their invoice as a withdrawal fee.
  • A GSM number will be able to benefit from only one device campaign at a time.
  • If the subscribers are new subscribers to the package, the entrance to the campaign is instant, and the price and usage capacity are calculated according to the remaining days of the first billing period and offered for use "evenly divided".
  • Existing data package users will be able to enter the campaign as of the end of the period.
  • Services not included in the package are charged separately.
  • As a document, a device commitment contract must be signed.
  • Before the expiry of the contract; In case the subscription established with the VMOLType GSM Subscription Agreement is terminated by VMOL unilaterally or due to non-fulfillment of its obligations by the subscriber and/or the line is canceled and/or cancels, transfers, cancels the current tariff of the subscriber, fails to pay the bills for the GSM subscription; In addition to all invoice debts accumulated until the date of breach of contract, the amount of penal clause will be reflected on the first invoice of the subscriber.
  • 3G connection coverage may vary depending on geographical conditions. 3G internet speed may vary depending on network density, device used and connected site. If 3G coverage is not available, super-fast mobile internet cannot be used; however, the continuity of mobile internet service can be ensured by switching to EDGE/GPRS connection in line with device/service availability.
  • You can benefit from the campaign by visiting Telsim Shops and requesting a device.
  • Only TRNC and TR citizens can benefit from the commitment options without prepayment.
  • The campaign is limited to stocks.
  • Soldier tariffs cannot purchase these devices, but can only be obtained after switching to the appropriate tariff.


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