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Roidmi Eve Plus

Roidmi Eve Plus

Colour: White
From 1.150 TL installment options


Tariffs All Tariffs
Monthly - Without Pre Payment 1.550 TL
Pre Payment 4.000 TL
Monthly - With Pre Payment 1.150 TL
Cash Payment 14.299 TL

Device Specifications

2700 Pa Vacuum Power

  • Roidmi Eve Plus offers the highest suction performance with an impressive 2700 Pa vacuum power. Thanks to the smart dust discharge unit, it provides uninterrupted cleaning even when the dust container is full. It goes to the charging station by itself, automatically empties the dust container and continues cleaning. It provides continuous cleaning without the need for external intervention.

Super Detection, Precise Scanning and Mapping with 4th Generation Laser Scanning System

  • Thanks to its advanced 4th generation laser scanning system, Roidmi Eve Plus has super detection, precision scanning and mapping features. It detects the finest details inside the house and creates a map optimized for cleaning.

Depth Detection

  • Thanks to its depth sensor, Roidmi Eve Plus prevents falling from high places such as stairs and tables. It detects the gap and provides a safe and hassle-free cleaning experience.

Intelligent Surface Detection

  • Roidmi Eve Plus automatically adjusts the vacuum power according to the floor it is on. Thus, it maximizes battery life and increases energy efficiency.

Automatic Charging Unit

  • Thanks to the automatic parking sensor, Roidmi Eve Plus returns to the charging station before it is completely discharged. If cleaning is not yet complete, it will charge and resume from where it left off. It is always ready thanks to its automatic charging feature.

A Clean Without Barriers

  • Thanks to its 2 cm obstacle climbing ability, Roidmi Eve Plus easily overcomes obstacles such as thresholds. It detects obstacles in advance and performs a hassle-free cleaning.

Cleaning Area Control via App

  • You can clean any area at any time using the Roidmi application. You can schedule and control cleaning with a single tap from your phone.

Non-contact Discharge

  • After the dust container is full, you can easily empty the bag without the Roidmi Eve Plus coming into contact with the dust. It makes the cleaning process more hygienic and user-friendly.

Easily Reach The Tightest Spaces

  • Thanks to its 9.8 cm height and slim design, Roidmi Eve Plus provides effective cleaning even in narrow and hard-to-reach areas.

Trap Powders in Water

  • Roidmi Eve Plus has a bionic 250 ml tank with adjustable water volume with 2-in-1 vacuuming and mopping feature. It provides a cleaner environment by combining dust with water.

Distance Adjustment Sensor

  • Roidmi Eve Plus is equipped with a distance adjustment sensor that can detect obstacles in advance. Thus, it avoids collisions and does not damage surrounding objects.

Technicial Specifications

  • Dust Bin: Yes
  • Smartphone Control: Yes
  • Dust Sensor: Yes
  • Water Tank: Yes
  • Water Tank Capacity: 1000 ML
  • Power (w): 2700 PA
  • Smart Navigation: Yes
  • Hepa Filter: Yes
  • Auto Charge: Yes
  • Noise Level (db): 71 DB
  • Dust Bag Volume: 3000 ML
  • Usage Area: Flat Floor, Carpet
  • Automatic Dirt Discharge System: Yes
  • Charging Time: 2 Hours
  • Wi-Fi Support: Yes

Terms and Conditions

  • Subscribers will be able to benefit from this campaign with a 12-month commitment or with a cash (credit card) payment. Subscribers who do not comply with the device criteria will be able to benefit from this campaign in advance.
  • A GSM number will be able to benefit from only one device campaign at a time.
  • In new subscriptions, for the first entries for the device campaign, the fee and usage capacity are calculated according to the remaining days of the first billing period and are made available "evenly divided".
  • Existing users will enter the campaign as of the end of the term.
  • Subscribers who do not have a tariff can benefit from this campaign in advance.
  • A device contract must be signed.
  • Before the expiry of the contract; In case the subscription established with the VMOLType GSM Subscription Agreement is terminated by VMOL unilaterally or due to non-fulfillment of its obligations by the subscriber and/or the line is canceled and/or cancels, transfers, cancels the current tariff of the subscriber, fails to pay the bills for the GSM subscription; In addition to all bill debts accumulated until the date of breach of contract, the amount of penal clause will be reflected on the first invoice of the subscriber.
  • You can check your criteria eligibility by leaving a request on the website / My Vodafone, and you can benefit from the campaign by visiting Telsim Shops.
  • If the subscribers who benefit from the campaign on a committed basis want to cancel their tariffs during the commitment period, a penalty fee will be applied. (Remaining month of commitment period X monthly commitment installment amount)
  • Subscribers who benefit from the campaign on a committed basis cannot switch to the sub-package during the commitment period. However, the subscriber can switch to the upper package upon request.
  • Soldier tariffs cannot purchase these devices, but can only be obtained after switching to the appropriate tariff.

Who Can Benefit?


  • Existing/new (in advance), individual/corporate postpaid line subscribers will be able to benefit from the campaign.
  • The tariffs that can benefit from the campaign are specified in the Pricing tab.
  • Subscribers who meet the device criteria will be able to benefit from this campaign in cash (pay by credit card) or on a registered basis, while subscribers who do not comply will only be able to benefit from this campaign in cash.
  • Any line of the subscriber must not have been hanged in the last 12 months.
  • If a subscriber who has experienced a call-off has made a payment within 5 days, it is considered to be in compliance with the criteria (not experiencing a call-off).
  • Only RED tariffs can benefit from the 12-month discounted price.
  • Only TRNC and TR citizens can benefit from the commitment options. Our subscribers of other nationalities can only benefit from the campaign with a cash fee.

For TRNC Citizens;

  • In order for a subscriber to participate in this contracted campaign in a way that is fully reflected on his bill, he must have a postpaid voice line for at least 6 months or longer and with an invoice total of 100 TL or more for the last 3 months.

For TC and other nationalities;

  • In order for a subscriber to participate in this contracted campaign in a way that is fully reflected on his invoice, he must have a postpaid voice line for at least 12 months or longer and with an invoice total of 100 TL or more for the last 3 months.

Required Documents

  • Subscriber ID cards or passports.
  • Document showing the current address. Water, electricity, digiturk bill, credit card statement and/or residence & rental agreement must be brought.
  • Cell phone bills are not accepted.

*Documents must be received within the last 2 months.


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