Double Data Campaign

Supernet home internet prices in addition to the GSM tariff
Süpernet1 - 1Mbit Süpernet2 - 2Mbit Süpernet4 - 4 Mbit Süpernet8 - 8 Mbit
10 Numara Tariff60 TL 70 TL 80 TL 90 TL

For details of 10 Numara Tariff, click here.

  • 10 Numara tariff subscribers who buy Supernet 2-in-1 will double the data in their mobile plan during the 12 month contract period.
  • Each GSM number can benefit from the campaign only once.
  • Subscribers can benefit from the campaign only with a 12 month contract.
  • Each SuperNet WDSL package will be available within the campaign.
  • Subscribers can use the internet package they chose for 12 months.
  • SuperNet home internet package that you choose will be added to your GSM bill during the campaign period.
  • If subscribers want to cancel their campaign before their commitment period has ended, they will have to pay 50 TL x number of months of usage as early termination fee

Subscribers of 10 numara  tariff with a monthly price between 50 TL and 200 TL who don’t use Smart Billing Feature can benefit from the campaign.

Start: 06.02.2017

Finish: -

The end time will be announced 15 days before.