General Mobile 8 64 GB

Tariffs Monthly Device Price Cash
24 Month Contract Red Diamond & Gold 
and others
70 TL -
Red Silver 
and others
75 TL -
Red Bronze 
and others
80 TL -
10 Numara & iStop 
and others
85 TL-

Asker Tariff
and others

85 TL-
Cash1349 TL   


  • Existing and new (cash) postpaid subscribers can benefit from the campaign.
  • Eligible tariffs are indicated in the Pricing tab.
  • Non-eligible subscribers can purchase the device in cash (credit card), eligible subscribers can purchase the device with a contract in 24 month installments extra to their monthly plan.
  • There must be no account suspension in the last 12 months (except for paying within 5 days of suspension).

For TRNC Citizens:

  • Subscriber’s account must be at least 6 months old and last 3 month’s total bill must be 100 TL or higher.

For TC and Other Country Citizens: 

  • Subscriber’s account must be at least 12 months old and last 3 month’s total bill must be 100 TL or higher.
  • Eligible subscribers can benefit from the campaign by paying cash or with a 24 month contract. Non eligible and prepaid subscribers can benefit from the campaign only by paying cash (credit card).
  • Subscribers who benefit from this campaign with a 24-month contract cannot cancel or downgrade their tariffs during the contract period. Subscribers can upgrade their tariffs if they wish.
  • Monthly minutes, SMS and data included in the tariff cannot be transferred to another subscriber.
  • Subscribers who cancel their line or campaign before the contract period ends will get the early termination fee as the months of payment left x monthly device price included in their bill.
  • A GSM number can only benefit from one device campaign at the same time.
  • In instant new tariff subscriptions, the first month’s bill will be calculated according to the number of days left in that month from the date of the subscription.
  • Current data bundle subscribers will benefit from the campaign by the following month.
  • Any additional content service will be additionally charged. 
  • As a document, the device contract must be signed.
  • Before the expiry of the commitment period; In the event that subscription which is done by VMOL Tip GSM Subscription Agreement cancel by subscriber or unfulfilled obligations happen by subscriber; VMOL reserves the right. In addition to all, debts accumulated until the date of contradiction to the commitment, the amount of the penal clause will be reflected on the first bill of that subscription.
  • Özgür 900 subscribers who purchase the device will get 900SMS and 5GB as a gift for once. Subscribers can benefit from the campaign by coming to Telsim Shops or applying in
  • Identity card or passport of subscriber.
  • Document showing current address; Water, electricity, Digiturk bill, credit card statement and / or residence & lease contract are required.
  • Mobile phone bill is not accepted.

*Documents must have been received within the last 2 months.

Start: 19.03.2018

End: -

*The campaign is limited to device stocks.

Dimension: 154 mm x 72 mm 

Display: 5.7”

Weight: 152gr

Operation System: Android

Memory: 64 GB


Connection: 4.5G

Front Camera: 13 MP

Rear Camera: 13 MP