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Abroad (International) Packages

Telsim offers the best to its subscribers again! Talk to abroad with 30 kry / 5 credits per minute! 80% discounted prices is only at Telsim! 

Decide to what you wish from the options of 30 minute, 60 minute, 120 minute, 300 minute.


Minutes Price Price Per Minute
30 27 TL 0,90TL
60 51 TL 0,85 TL
120 93 TL 0,78 TL
300 139 TL 0,46 TL

Terms & Conditions

  • All the active postpaid and prepaid (credits) subscribers (regardless of what tariff and/or package they subscribed to) will be able to benefit.
  • After the subscribers are applied to the campaign, the campaign registration will take place if there are enough credits in their balances.
  • At the end of the 30 days, unused minutes / credits will be deleted.
  • If the period in the abroad package which the subscribers purchased ends before 30 days, they will not be able to purchase the package again.
  • Prepaid subscriber must be applied again to benefit from the package. Unless cancelled by the postpaid subscribers, the package fee will be reflected to the subscriber and free minutes will be defined.
  • If the prepaid subscriber is benefiting from the Abroad Discount (pay 50 credits 10 credits/minute) and purchase a package, the usage priority will be in the package.
  • If the subscribers using Özgür Dünya (Free World) package purchase a package, the priority of spending will be the minutes given in the Özgür Dünya.
  • If the subscriber makes a cancel request on the same day and has not used the minutes, it will not be reflected any price to the subscriber invoice.
  • Pricing period is 60 seconds.