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Annual Internet Campaign

Terms & Conditions

What is the campaign?

Super Internet with the super campaign from Telsim… This is 3G Super Internet campaign that the contained Internet could be used from 5 GB to 20 GB + via computer, mobile and tablet. The Internet package will be renewed every month with a 12-month commitment.

How can I get benefit?

You may get this benefit by installing My Vodafone app and search for add-on section,

By typing YILLIK5GB, YILLIK10GB, YILLIK15GB, YILLIK20GB or YILLIK30GB and sending an SMS to 8484,

By visiting the nearest Telsim Shop or our call center at 0 542 888 0 542.

When will I use it?

Internet packages are defined instantly.

How can I learn remaining uses?

To be able to learn remaining uses, it is enough to text “DURUM” to 2121 via SMS.

Who can benefit from the campaign?

There are no limits or restrictions for participation in the campaign. As new activation of pre-paid or post-paid membership could benefit from the campaign, you could also benefit from the Super Internet by super price with the existing Telsim line by giving 12-month commitment.

Which packages apply to the campaign?

It is valid if you purchase following packages with 12-month commitment. For prepaid subscriptions, a 12-month fee is paid in advance.

Internet Plus packages provide unlimited usage rights between 02:00 and 08:00 every day. No quotas are applied, and the data used is not deducted from your current quota.

When the usage quota is full, how will my package surcharged or how could new Internet package be purchased until the new Internet package starts?

Internet quota surcharges for post-paid lines are as follows: Every 100 MB usage is charged as 12 TL for Internet usage up to 1 GB, and after 1 GB / 90 TL use, each 1 GB usage fee is charged as 18 TL If you do not wish to be charged the standard overuse tariff, you can call *2121# and purchase any additional package you like or call 548 Telsim Customer Service which is online 7/24 or you can reach closest Telsim Shop ( You can use your internet package without paying an additional fee in Turkey. You will be charged for the standard overuse tariff when the right to use the internet is completed.

Roaming charges apply for internet use abroad.


Annual Internet Packages Prices
5 GB (Valid also in Turkey) 110 TL
5 GB+ (Valid also in Turkey) 130 TL
10 GB (Valid also in Turkey) 130 TL
10 GB+ (Valid also in Turkey) 165 TL
15 GB (Valid also in Turkey) 165 TL
20 GB (Valid also in Turkey) 190 TL
20 GB+ (Valid also in Turkey) 210 TL
30 GB (Valid also in Turkey) 210 TL

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