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International Packages

Telsim offers the most suitable price to subscribers again! Talk to abroad with 5 credit - 90 kuruş / minute.

80% discount is at only Telsim! Decide any option you wish for 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 120 minutes, 300 minutes.

Terms & Conditions

  • All active post-paid and prepaid subscribers (without looking at tariff and packages) will be able to benefit.
  • Registration will be executed if subscribers have enough credits in the balance after making the application.
  • At end of 30 days, unused minutes / credits will be deleted.
  • If the period in Abroad Packages of the subscribers ends before 30 days, they will not be able to buy the package again.
  • Prepaid subscriber must apply again to benefit from the package.
  • Unless cancelled by the post-paid subscribers, the package fee will be reflected, and the free minutes will be defined.
  • If the prepaid subscriber benefits from the Abroad discount (pay 50 credits, 10 credits per minute) and the package is purchased, the usage priority will be in the package.
  • In case the subscribers using the World Package, buy packages, the usage priority will be in the World Package.
  • If the subscriber makes a cancellation request on the same day and has not used the free minutes given, it will not be billed to subscriber’s invoice.
  • Charging period is 60 seconds.



Minutes Price Price Per Minute
30 69 TL 2,30 TL
60 99 TL 1,65 TL
120 169 TL 1,40 TL
300 269 TL 0,89 TL


Minutes Price Price Per Minute
30 69 TL2,30 TL
60 99 TL1,65 TL
120 169 TL1,40 TL
300 269 TL0,89 TL

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