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Modem + 5 GB Campaign

The modem from you, and data package from us! Two-in-one, for only 89TRY!

Subscribers who buy modem by paying 89TRY will get a TRY54.99-worth 5 GB data package as a gift from Telsim.

Terms & Conditions

  • Subscribers who buy a Modem against 89TRY (all taxes included) will be gifted with a 5 GB data package.
  • The duration of the gifted 5 GB data packages is 30 days, and unused data at the end of 30 days will be deleted.
  • Each subscriber can only benefit from Modem+ 5 GB campaign only once.
  • The subscriber will be charged 89TRY as Modem fee, but no data fee will be billed.