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Data packages with extra GBs on My Vodafone

My Vodafone Internet Packages

Internet packages with GB Gift is in My Vodafone

Additional data packages are available in My Vodafone with GB gifts. Moreover, with the new 20 GB and 30 GB packages...

You can also earn gift GB in additional data package transactions via online services.

Package Gifted GB  Price
3 GB -279 TL
5 GB 1 GB 289 TL
10 GB 2 GB299 TL
15 GB 3 GB349 TL
20 GB 4 GB389 TL 
30 GB5 GB399 TL
50 GB-449 TL
75 GB-629 TL
100 GB-789 TL

Meet all your needs with the tip of your fingers with My Vodafone!

  • Track real time usage of Voice, Internet & SMS
  • View and pay your bill
  • Easily buy extra data bundles
  • Take advantages of offers and extras exclusive to you
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