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Vodafone Evde 6+2 Campaign

6+2 Vodafone EVDE 5550 TL
Vodafone EVDE 10750 TL
Vodafone EVDE 20950 TL

Term & Condition

  • Only new subscribers can benefit from the campaign.
  • Subscribers who benefit from the campaign will receive Internet service at home for 8 months for an Internet fee of 6 months.
  • There is no activation and installation fee for the subscribers. There is only cable fee can be charge of 3 TL per meter.
  • Your internet speed may vary depending on the geographic location and natural conditions for the connection type.
  • Wifi is a type of connection transmitted through aerial antennas. Vodafone informs the subscriber that it is possible to perform Internet installation and internet transfer according to the subscriber density and natural conditions at your location.
  • The CPE anthenna and PoE adapters used in the WiFi connection model are debited to the user during the subscription period. Upon expiry of the subscription, a full and full refund is required.
  • You can perform your Internet subscription and package renewals transactions from all Vodafone Telsim Shops, Online web services and Call Center (444 0 542).
  • Vodafone Telsim reserves the right to terminate, modify and extend the Internet campaigns at home.

Who can benefit?

All subscribers with new installation can benefit from the campaign.

Campaign Dates

Start: 01.06.2019

Finish: 01.11.2019