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FCT (Fixed Cell Terminal)

Telsim FCT (Fixed Cell Terminal) allows you to save money on your landlines in your office.

Through Telsim FCT (Fixed cellular Terminal) you can make calls in all directions from your landlines, no investment is required. If you don't have a FCT device, you can have for free by joining in Telsim FCT Device Campaign. The campaign provides advantage for landlines by offering minutes in all direction package that meets your needs. Nothing will change in your life, except for your bills. Moreover, through FCT Pool tariffs, now, more than one of your devices are charged at the same time and at a single tariff.


  • The tariff applies to Telsim Corporate subscribers only.
  • The subscriber may only make free domestic voice calls up to the number of free minutes included in the package against a monthly fee announced for each month (special services and 444 calls are excluded).
  • The right of making free calls applies only to domestic calls, and in-house free calls are limited with 5.000 min. When all directions and In-House minutes are used, the customer will be charged at standard pricing.
  • Free calls will start once the subscriber is activated or as of the date of transition to the package
  • The subscriber may receive service against an 18 months commitment for Analogue FCT device to be offered for free under the tariff.
  • For tariffs with 5.000 minutes and up, Pool FCT system may apply, and at least 3 FCT devices are required to enter the tariff.
  • Unused minutes are not transferred to the next month.
  • Conference call service are not available in this tariff.
  • Telsim reserves the right to inspect the use of the subscriber, and if Telsim suspect that the subscriber is using the service in bad faith or for purposes other than communication it may warn the subscriber or suspend the use of the line and/or cancel it unilaterally.
  • Billing period is 60 seconds.


Tariff Rate

Min. To All Directions



FCT 700

77 TRY


10 TRY - 5.000 MIN.

2N Easy Gate Analog FCT is GIFT!

FCT 1.500

167 TRY


FCT 2.000

212 TRY



FCT 3.000

392 TRY


FCT 5.000

504 TRY


FCT 10.000

840 TRY


FCT 15.000

1.120 TRY


FCT 20.000

1.456 TRY


FCT 40.000

2.688 TRY


FCT 50.000

3.360 TRY