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Your solution to inter-machine communication is with Telsim!

It is so easy now to standardize the costs of your telemetric investments in each sector by single tariff model. Required solution for fleet management, meter readings, mobile POS, agricultural solutions, and remote access is in M2M Tariffs and SMS Options!

Data Options

SMS Options

Data Amount

Package Fee

SMS Unit

10 MB



50 MB



100 MB



500 MB

15 TRY


1 GB

25 TRY


Who Can Benefits?

Applicable to all postpaid lines and corporate members.

How to benefit?

You can either apply to your Corporate Sale Manager or call Corporate Customer Services at 8000, and perform the necessary transactions to benefit from the tariff.

What is M2M?

M2M is a technology that enables wireless communication between the information centers of the companies and machines. Through this technology, now the data stored in the electric-meters can be transmitted remotely to power transmitters, or trucks can provide information on the status of their loads, or stolen cars can be found by tracking their signals.

It's easy to share information between numerous machines on the Telsim network without any human interference by M2M facilities of Telsim. For example:

  • Energy-saving can be achieved by using meters that measure the natural gas or power consumption in every few seconds and transmit the results.
  • Efficiency can be improved by using the vehicle tracking system offered by Telsim to get reports on the locations of the cars & trucks, to do logistic monitoring, or to give remote assistance to the drivers.
  • Emergency alarms can be prevented through security alarms that enable contact with control centers.
  • Elevators and printers capable of alarming when there is a problem.
  • Credit card readers or cash registers (Mobile POS systems) that can be used wherever there is reception.
  • Inventory control terminals that can be connected to supply chain systems.
  • Fixed asset tracking in fields such as oil rigs and construction sites where critical equipment is essential.
  • Medical devices that can track the patients remotely.

M2M Solutions

Energy Management and Electric Meter Monitoring Solutions

By using the usage data generated by meters of electric, water and/or natural gas through instant monitoring any leaks or loss in energy lines can be prevented so that the income can be improved.

M2M technology provides monitoring and measurement information in order to ensure a more reliable and efficient distribution of power through networks. Among the benefits of this service are fewer power cuts, less energy loss on the mains, a more efficient energy market, and improvements in the conditions of renewable energy manufacturers. Energy amounts consumed and/or generated by the clients can now be controlled by instant monitoring and remote access by both, the provider company and the client. So that a positive collaboration between the company and the clients can be established.

Fleet Asset and Management Solutions

Instant checks over some information such as locations, running speed, the distance covered, fuel consumption, driving time and/or route, etc., of fleet vehicles and other valuable assets ensure cost-saving.

M2M has created new fields for companies who want to operate in load and vehicle tracking business by improving the vehicle tracking applications. In all these areas including vehicle and driver management, mobile labour management , and route planning, the aim is to alleviate the financial and logistic load of the companies and to deliver the goods being transported as fast as possible. M2M technology is used to protect the integrity of the product, to improve the shelf life, to decrease the damage and/or loss, and to control the risk throughout the supply chain.

Also, it helps to establish general rules for the improvement of relevant procedures and processes

Security Solutions

Wireless communication ensures multifunctional security services are provided quickly and effectively to meet the demand of the market.

Features such as access control, detection of unauthorized access, video stream, etc., are now offered on a single platform and controlled centrally through a single device. M2M technology also ensures tracking/monitoring and analysis are performed in areas such as cash transport and inmate/prisoner transportation. Through M2M-based security systems;

it's possible to take efficient and cost effective security measures with the help of wireless instant data transmitted by movement and/or smoke detectors, cameras, thermostats, and/or access control systems, or to open or lock some areas, gates, bridges and/or lighting systems by remote control via network, using wireless communication.

Features like access control, detection of unauthorized access, and video streams within the scope of alarm systems are now can be transferred to a single tracking platform and directed by a single device. It's also possible to establish a satellite-earth connection between the systems on the fields and the control centers, and to receive footages for further analysis. M2M technology also ensures the data obtained in order to increase the visibility by satellite output line, focusing on problematic points and/or to perform basic maintenance and software updates are transferred to the relevant business units.

Automotive Solutions

Automatic detection of mechanical problems through sensors placed in vehicles, better response to changing road conditions and instantaneous response in case of accidents, ensure better performance in all conditions and increase customer satisfaction.

Vehicles equipped with sensors that provide continuous data flow through the Telsim network can automatically detect mechanical problems and improve the performance with instant interventions depending on changing road conditions. Through M2M technology drivers can get warnings about potential problems without getting off the road, and get information in advance whether the road on which they are driving is clogged due to snowfall or accident, or whether there is a change in road conditions. M2M technology plays an important role at many key points in the evolution of the automotive industry. Infotainment services such as weather forecast reports and location-based road information contribute to improving the driving experience.

Leading companies in digital mapping and routing services prefer to take advantage of Telsim's M2M services for their navigation devices.

Consumer Electronics Solutions:

New devices and business models form the basis for M2M solutions that are candidates for being part of our daily lives.

As is common in other individual products, the user is often unaware of what lies behind the technology providing the connection and the services. The fact that M2M being used unnoticed in various devices from electronic book readers to digital frames to navigation devices to fitness tracking device just shows how much such services are liked.

Remote Maintenance and Control Solutions

Thanks to the fact that many devices such as printers, automates, and elevators as well as systems such as building lighting and ventilation systems can be monitored instantly it's now possible to prevent the failures and consequently improve the customer satisfaction.

Controlling the systems such as lighting, automation and garden watering through M2M technology enables energy saving as well as controlling the whole system from a single center by remote management.

The failures in the system are quickly detected and eliminated through receivers.

Also, it helps to determine the right usage methods with instant reporting and examinations, thus reducing the maintenance costs.