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Mobil Dues

With our mobile dues solution, now it is so easy to collect your association and club dues (membership fees) quickly thanks to Telsim!

Your members will make their payments easily from their mobile phone with our this service that enable you to collect your association and club dues timely and effortless. Moreover without any document or receipt obligation!


  • The dues of association and club members that are user of Telsim postpaid line will be collected via short SMS number "4271".
  • Telsim users who are obliged to pay dues, will initiate their subscription by writing the "NAME of SUBSCRIBER ASSOCIATION" that prepared previously by the association/club. They can cancel it by writing "CANCEL ASSOCIATION NAME" and send it to 4271 with short message again.
  • The dues fees will be reflected to the Telsim invoice of the subscriber who uses the service and will be collected with the invoice amount from the subscriber.


  • The amount of dues determined by the association or the club will be reflected to the invoice of the subscriber.
  • In accordance with the agreement, payments will be made to associations and clubs according to the revenue sharing rate.
  • For detailed informations please contact us.