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VPN (VPN= Virtual Private Network): Corporate VPN service  which enables the postpaid corporate subscribers of KKTC Telsim to benefit from special discounted intra-group call charges when they call each other, and allow all the mobile phones within the corporate subscription to call each other through four-digit numbers is put into service.

In addition to the opportunity to talk with the VPN Service at speed and at an affordable price in the company's in-house calls, the Company executives are provided with the opportunity to get the communication budgets under control by introducing certain restrictions on telephone conversations if desired.

VPN(VPN= Virtual Private Network) is a service that provides discounts on the subscription packages used by the company lines, and also create a special number plan between the numbers of the companies, enables them to call the 4-digit short numbers and impose restrictions if if requested.

To benefit from VPN Service; Being an Institution or Organisation Have at least 3 active lines registered on the name of the Company Benefit from a tariff from corporate subscription packages The companies can determine 4-digit numbers they want. VPN short numbers cannot start with 0-1-7-8 and 9. The lines to be offered VPN services must have been activated as corporate subscribers VPN short codes can be changed at the request of the company executive

Use Restrictions: Prepaid subscribers cannot use the VPN service Fax and data subscriptions (numbers) are not covered by VPN subscription. Therefore, VPN discount for fax and data calls is not an option. When a VPN subscriber is roaming, his/her inbound and outbound calls are not covered by the VPN discount and cannot be made with a short number. However, other VPN subscribers of the group who is currently in the country may call this roaming subscriber through short number and at VPN discount. VPN discount is not applied to SMS communication. VPN discount is applied to intra-group calls of the companies. The bill is prepared separately for VPN main number and all other subscriptions of the group.

Since the credit transfer service is a SMS-based program, it's sufficient for our subscribers to send the SMSs which they will prepared in the one of the following formats to "8200".

905428510010 25
05428510010 25
05428510010 25
8510010 25

Special Applications: Credit transfer service will work according to the following application principles.
1) The credit obtained via transfer will not restart the active usage period.
2) The credit obtained via transfer will not provide gain from campaigns such gift credit etc. that are in practice or we plan to put in practice.