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Port Number/Get New Line

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Principles and Other Frequently Asked Questions

Advantages of Digital Application

Do I pay any courier or application fees when I apply through Vodafone's digital channels ( or My Vodafone)?

  • No, your digital applications are completely free; Additionally, your line is delivered to your address free of charge.

How long does it take for my delivery?

  • We will deliver your line to you within 24 hours

What are the documents required during subscription?
  • The documents you need to provide are your ID card or passport. Documents regarding your line are; It will be brought by our sales representative who will deliver the line. When you receive your line, you can easily complete your transactions by signing on the biometric tablets.
Get Your New Number

How much does the new line cost?

  • There is no SIM card fee. Applications for purchasing a new line can be made online. Online transactions for getting a new number and delivery of your line to your address are mostly free of charge.

When Will the New Line Open?
  • When you buy a new line, it is expected that your line will be activated within 24 hours after you receive it. If you buy your line from TRNC telsim vodafone stores, you can get it immediately after your documents are complete and you sign your contract. If you apply online, once the necessary procedures are completed, your line will be activated within 24 hours after the application process. When you apply online, your line will be delivered to you free of charge.
Transfer Number

What is Number Portal?

  • The process of changing the operator from which mobile phone users receive line service without changing their phone number is called number porting. Users can also carry out line migration to benefit from more advantageous tariffs or to receive more affordable and quality service. While number porting, keeping the number the same and having access to more advantageous tariffs and packages are among the greatest conveniences provided to users.

Will my number change?
  • No, none of the digits of your number will change, including the beginning (05xx), middle and end.

How to Port Number & Line Port?
  • There are several methods for moving lines. Firstly; You can proceed with number porting from dealers. It is sufficient to have your ID card with you for number porting. You can also port your number from our call center at 0 542 888 0 542.

What is Required for Number Portal? (Required Documents)
  • Your ID card is required for the number porting campaign.

Is Number Porting & Line Porting Paid?
  • Number porting is free of charge.

How Many Days Does Number Porting & Line Porting Take?
  • Under normal conditions, the transportation process is legally completed within 4 days. During this period, your communication continues uninterrupted via your existing line. If you connect the line we have given you to your phone before the time we specify, your line will not work. For this reason, you should continue using your old line until you receive a message on your mobile phone that your new line is active. After this message arrives, your old line will be deactivated and you will need to plug in your new line. After you connect your new line to your phone, you can continue to communicate with the advantageous tariffs we have provided for you.

How Many Months Should Number Portal Be Done?
  • If you bought a new line or changed the line owner, that is, if you took over the line from someone else, you cannot carry out the number porting process for the first 90 days.