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News Packages

You can access current news about events in Cyprus and the world by subscribing to the news package.

Donation Lines

Telism’s postpaid and prepaid line subscribers can access many social services quickly and easily via their mobile phone.

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Caller Listen-In Feature

Caller Listen-In Feature is a service where your callers listen to music.

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Number Hiding Service

You can make your number invisible by adding #31# in front of the number you are calling.

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Referral Service

You can forward your incoming calls to another phone number of your choice.

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Teleconference Service

Each person participating in the teleconference can add 5 more people to the call.

My Vodafone

With My Vodafone you can easily perform the following transactions from your mobile device.

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Dial and We'll Come

The nearest officer will be directed to you immediately or come to visit you at a convenient time.


Free Telsim wireless internet service we offer in the most popular points of Northern Cyprus.

Wheel of Fortune

Customer benefit program created by Telsim for its customers and it gets renewed weekly.

Hello Telsim

Telsim Number Transfer and New Line Application.

eSIM: New Generation Digital Sim Card

This system, which does not require a physical SIM card,


Eco-friendly ECO-SIM cards produced from recycled plastic in many countries where Vodafone operates

Twin Card

Twin Card, which can be used with a single TRNC Telsim number.

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Credit Transfer Service

Use the Credit Transfer Service from your postpaid line, you must dial *8484# and select Credit Transfer from the options.

Modem Data Packages

Modem Data Packages

Telsim Silver Shop List

In Silver Shops you can top-up, buy data packages and device campaigns. Payment by credit card is also available.