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  • Commited
    Super Red Dom
    Bu planda
    10 GB
    15 GB
    Özgür Pass


  • Non-Commited
    Super Red Dom
    Bu planda
    10 GB
    15 GB
    Özgür Pass


    • *1000 SMS
    • **500 min in-group talk
    • ***100 mins 14 Super Red Dom Countries
    • ****+5 TL/month for 1000 MINs to call 5 people you choose
    • Safe Overflow Pack*
    • Redspot (Hotspot) Service

  • World's Mark Vodafone Group operates in 30 countries and serves more than 500 million subscribers.
  • Calling Abroad With Super Red Dom tariffs, you can call 14 countries using the minutes in your tariff content.
  • All Inclusive Passport You can use the minutes, Internet, and SMS quota defined to your tariff in 77 countries around the world.
  • Super Red Dom Privileges A plenty of privileges ranging from food to shopping to theatres to health await you at Super Red world.

Terms and Conditions

  • This price is available for the first 3 months. After the first 3 months, the invoice amount will be 499 TL. This campaign is only available for the tariffs with commitment.
  • *SMSs in the tariff are valid to all directions.
  • *Customers who switch to the Super Red Dom tariff will be able to call Super Red Dom customers for 500 MINs for free.
  • ***Countries that can be called with minutes in Super Red Dom tariffs: It is valid for 100 minutes to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Georgia, Latvia, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
  • **In exchange for +5 TL per month, you will be given 1000 minutes to call maximum of 5 people. After the minutes in the package for all directions within the island are over, the standard tariff will be charged.
  • In Super Red Dom tariffs, there are 250 minutes to make calls within North Cyprus, Turkey and 22 Vodafone countries**.
  • **Countries with minutes to call in all directions: Germany, America, England, Italy, France (SFR), Greece, Spain, Netherlands, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Portugal, Malta, Albania, Egypt, Qatar, Ireland, India, Australia , New Zealand, Ghana, South Africa and Southern Cyprus.
  • If the minutes available for international calls run out in all directions, the customer will be charged with the standard international call rate.
  • *Click for detailed information about the Özgür Pass package, which can be used freely on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.
  • The customer may check their balance by typing KALAN and sending to 8484 or via My Vodafone.
  • Super Red customers may benefit from additional device campaigns to the tariff.
  • If the minutes in the tariffs run out, the charges will be made on the standard tariff.
  • In case of using applications that are not included in Özgür Pass, the customer will use their rights in their own package.
  • Customers coming from prepaid lines must be Telsim customers for at least 1 month.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Anyone who wants to buy a new line can benefit from Super Red Dom tariffs. In addition, FreeZone prepaid subscribers can benefit from Super Red Dom tariffs if they switch to postpaid lines.

How May I Use?

  • You may apply to Super Red Dom tariffs via call centre, 0 542 888 0 542 and Telsim Shops.

Tariff and Contract Cancellation Conditions

  • Our customers can make their tariff or contract cancellation requests from our Telsim Shops or by calling our center at 0 542 888 0 542. Contracted customers are required to pay a cancellation fee if they want to cancel their contracts before the contract end date.

Other Tariff Features

  • Your package is now including Telsim RedSpot, which provides you wireless internet at the most popular places of Cyprus, without spending your package’s mobile data quota. RedSpot service is provided by Vodafone Evde Operation LTD. Click for more details about RedSpot service including your tariff/package.
  • Click for Safe Overflow Pack details.

Super Red Dom

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