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How do I participate in the backgammon tournament?

To participate in the tournament, simply open the Backgammon Stars game and fill in your information by pressing the "Join the Tournament" button. Download the application:

How will the pre-qualifications be in the backgammon tournament?

To pass the preliminary round, you need to continue playing until you reach level 5. You can see your level on your profile page.

When will the qualifying rounds take place?

After all registrations are completed, a minute-by-minute countdown begins within the game, 24 hours in advance. You can join the tour when the countdown ends.

The average time to start each round is 15 minutes. If you do not play within that time, you will be eliminated.

What happens if my internet goes out during the match?

If your internet connection goes out during the match, you will be eliminated.

How do I get to the next round?

Win the game: 1 point

Winning the twisted game: 2 points

Win the game with Mars: 2 points

Winning the game doubled: 4 points

Winning the twisted game with Mars: 4 points

I got the three points, what happens now?

You can follow the countdown of the next round and join the new round.

Will I need a chip in the tournament?

You must have at least 10,000 chips to enter each round.

How do I get my free chips?

Telsim customers must type TAVLA and send a message to 8008 to get 120,000 freebies chip worth 50 TL chips at once.

When they enter the code that will come after the message into the field within the application, the free 120.000 chips will be automatically loaded to their accounts.

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