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Wheel of Fortune giving Gifts

What is the Wheel of Fortune?

  • It is a customer benefit program created by Telsim for its customers and it gets renewed weekly.

Do I have to pay a fee for the Wheel of Fortune?

  • No, you can benefit from the Wheel of Fortune for free.

Who can benefit from the Wheel of Fortune?

  • Individual and corporate postpaid line customers with any tariff defined on their lines and prepaid line customers with an active package installed on their lines can benefit from the Wheel of Fortune.

When can I use the benefits I earned from the Wheel of Fortune?

  • Gifts vary depending on their content. The usage period and contents of the gifts are stated at the time the gift is won. Since the duration and content of the gifts vary, you can follow the current status of your gifts via the My Vodafone application.

How often can I use the Wheel of Fortune?

  • You may use the Wheel of Fortune once a week and your turn is renewed every Monday at 00.00, once a week, and is valid until 23.59 on Sunday.

Can the gifts I earn be transferred to a later period?

  • Gifts that you do not use within the usage period cannot be transferred to the next period.

How are the gifts used?

  • In case of winning minutes or data, the gift will be used before the current tariff/package content ends. When the gift usage term expires, you can continue to use them through your own tariff/package contents.

Are the gifts in the Wheel of Fortune just minutes and internet?

  • No, different gifts are added to the Wheel of Fortune at different periods. You can follow our social media accounts and informative SMSs for announcements of periodic gifts.